How to enjoy and food while traveling and find the best restaurants

Visiting new countries brings plenty of new experiences, lots of impressions and dozens of new things to try, see and experience. One of the absolute necessities of everyday living is, of course, food – and the vacation is a great opportunity to try something new and enjoy local cuisine of the country you are visiting. Many people decide to “play it safe” and they spend the entire vacation eating in fast-food restaurants they know from back home, since it can be quite difficult to find a decent local restaurant. However, this undermines the whole traveling experience and keeps you from trying something new and enjoying some really good food. This is why in this article we will give you some tips on finding good local restaurants and enjoying the food you may not have the chance to try somewhere else.

Prepare in advance – before you go on vacation, you certainly spend some time exploring and planning. This part can actually be quite fun and exciting, and if you enjoy planning the trip, you should include one more item on the planning list – the food. There are plenty of blogs and trip advising websites where you can find recommendations of dishes you should try and the restaurants which offer good food. Make sure to read the comments, because there you can often find some great recommendations from the locals.

Talk to locals – if you are looking for a local restaurant, there is no better way to find one than actually talking to locals. This means that you should actually talk to people you meet in the street, those sitting next to you at a bar, taxi drivers and the like. It is not only they will recommend you some of the best places to eat, but you can also hear some interesting stories and suggestions for some places to visit that are not in the tourist guidebook.

Do not focus on restaurants only – some of the best local food is often not eaten in a restaurant, but on the food stands in the middle of the street. If you get recommendations to try some of the local food from a street stand, do not be afraid to try.

Get away from the tourist zone – the place in every city where you can certainly find food is the tourist zone. However, here you can often find overpriced restaurants and food that may not be as good as the food in local restaurant. To find the best place to eat, the first step is to look for it out of the tourist zone. Find a restaurant with lots of guests, because if it is crowded, the chances are that the food is good. Listen to the language spoken inside, you will easily recognize if it is a tourist spot or more of a local restaurant.

Do not fall for “special tourist menus” – this is something you will often find in the restaurants in tourist areas. They usually offer what they think the tourists would eat instead of the genuine local cuisine, and in addition – they tend to be overpriced. In order to find the best local cuisine, follow the advice above and enjoy real local dishes.

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